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Changes to this version include:
* Completely new user interface design, new icons.
* CPU frequency and CPU/OS load system tray indicators.
* Integration with Windows power management and standard LCD backlight interface.
* Flexible per-profile and per-power source PST, ODCM and Windows power management settings.
* Improved ODCM management with user-customizable throttle states table feature.
* New CPU performance level management logic allowing instant multiple-states PST/ODCM transitions.
* Determination and support for new CPUs: Intel Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Edition 900 series, Intel Core Solo and Core Duo processors (preliminary); new Intel logos.
* Support for “non-mobile” versions of ICH4 and ICH6 south bridges in Intel Centrino mobile platform advanced settings.
* New command-line profile-changing options (-nextprofile and -prevprofile).
* Fixed CPU frequency display on older Intel Pentium 4 models (Northwood/Willamette).
* EIST/DBS settings (Intel Pentium 4 / Pentium M advanced settings) are now always remembered, regardless of the “Remember these settings” option.
* Added user-definable delay (as a registry setting) to the management procedure start (on startup and resume from standby/hibernate).

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