MS: Halo 2 for PC a Windows Vista ‘exclusive’ | Reg Hardware

MS: Halo 2 for PC a Windows Vista ‘exclusive’ | Reg Hardware

Microsoft looked to Bungie’s Halo to sell its Xbox console, and it’s now planning to see if the same trick will persuade gamers to upgrade to Windows Vista. Yes, Halo 2, which shipped for Xbox over a year ago, is coming to the PC but you’ll need Microsoft’s next major operating system release to run it. The game will not run on Windows XP, Bungie admitted this week. It will run “exclusively” on Vista.

Bungie maintains the scheme is “absolutely not” motivated by a desire to drive consumers to Vista, despite going to great lengths in its announcement to stress just how good the new OS will be for them. No, it’s all about getting the best quality experience.

Well I do plan on getting Vindows Wista (If you don’t get it you need to watch the CES shows done by & ZiffDavis) anyway but what about those poor bastards that cant run it.

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