Apple ships notebook with Intel chips – ITWeb

Apple ships notebook with Intel chips – ITWeb

Apple Computer starts shipping its first portable computers made with Intel chips this week, after announcing last year it would switch from IBM chips.advertisement
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Apple shares climbed nearly 4% to a session high of $67.22 yesterday, making it the second biggest percentage gainer in the Nasdaq 100 index as the news appeared to calm investors’ worries that Apple’s sales might suffer during the shift to Intel chips.

“Their announcement this morning that they have begun shipment of the MacBook Pro [has] alleviated concerns about speculated delays in shipment,” said Steve Lidberg, analyst at Pacific Crest Securities. “This is a transitional quarter for them and the market is reacting to that.”

Now I am waiting to see how much the iBook replacement will cost. Dual Core is not needed for my use, yet 🙂

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