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Cranky Geeks

A three episode old VOD Cast, that will hopefully get stronger as it goes.

It is another production by the highly successful team that brought to the internet community. Not everyone likes John C. Dvorak but he is one of the most highly aclaimed IT writers. He does speak his mind, not always correctly, which is sometimes an opinion I will take into account.

SIM cards won’t help poor – ITWeb

SIM cards won’t help poor

Civil society organisations have criticised plans by Motorola and government to give millions of SIM cards to the poor.advertisement
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Sangonet, a non-governmental organisation that promotes the use of ICT in civil society, says Motorola’s plan to give a million SIM cards to the poor will divert resources from basic needs such as food and education.

Government’s strategy to give away four million SIM cards in five years is obsolete, says the SMME Forum. The plan was announced in 2003 and has not yet been carried out.

Well of course not, they still have to get a phone and pay for usage. SIM cards are only R5 anyway. Bloody id10t’s

Software management rising – ITWeb

Software management rising

More companies are starting to implement proper software asset management as awareness of the benefits becomes more widespread.advertisement
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David Bicket, senior manager at Deloitte in the UK and director of Investors in Software, says adoption of software asset management practices as outlined by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), is still in its early days.

I just wish they could make the software easier to use 🙂

CareerJunction scoops international award :: MyADSL

CareerJunction scoops international award :: MyADSL

South Africa’s leading online placement solution, CareerJunction, has won an international award for Best Technical Innovation in Online Recruitment at the second annual Onrec Awards held in the United Kingdom.CareerJunction’s managing director, Kris Jarzebowski, accepted the award at the glamorous event, which took place at an exclusive venue in the heart of London on Thursday .

Onrec is an international pnline recruitment magazine and website which takes an in-depth look into the trends and advances in Internet recruitment.

The Onrec Awards have been set up to acknowledge the efforts made by companies that excel in this industry.

CareerJunction was the only South African company to be nominated at the Awards and was showcased alongside some of the biggest online recruitment websites in the world including Monster, Totaljobs, CareerJournal, Fish4Jobs, Jobsite, TimesJobs and

Gates megawealth spreads to $50bn :: MyADSL

Gates megawealth spreads to $50bn :: MyADSL

Bill Gates gained ground at the top of the megarich rankings as the world’s wealthiest people added 400 billion dollars to their net worth, according to Forbes magazine’s annual list released yesterday.The number of people whose wealth reached 10 figures stood at a record 793, an increase of 102 from the previous year, with Microsoft founder Gates in first place for the 12th straight year.

His 50 billion dollar fortune marked an increase of 3.5 billion dollars from the 2005 Forbes list.

The magazine said strong markets around the world contributed to the surge in wealth, as the total net worth of the list jumped to 2.6 trillion dollars – more than the annual GDP of Germany.

“Making a billion just isn’t what it used to be,” observed Forbes Associate Editor Luisa Kroll, who noted that the number of billionaires had grown by more than 300 in the past three years.

1% of that would be ssssoooooooooooo nice 🙁

Can Microsoft save us from the phisers

Can Microsoft Save the Net?  – Wired

Working late one night a few months back, I was just about to sign off when I decided to check my email. At the top of my inbox was a message from PayPal, “confirming” a change in my email address. But I hadn’t changed the address. In an exhausted panic, I clicked the link to correct an obvious fraud.For a split second the browser opened not to PayPal but to an unrelated IP address. Then, almost instantaneously, the screen was replaced by what looked exactly like a PayPal window, requesting my password to sign in. This wasn’t PayPal; it was a phishing bot. Had I been just a little drowsier, I might have been snagged by the fraud in the very act of trying to stop it.

Japanese Internet Suicide on the Rise

Wired News:

Six young Japanese were found dead from asphyxiation in a car Friday, charcoal stoves still smoking beside them — apparently the latest victims of a surge in suicide pacts arranged over the internet.Authorities said they suspected the five men and a woman, all in their 20s, met online before dying together Thursday night in a forested area 50 miles northwest of Tokyo. The car’s windows had been sealed with tape.

Internet suicide pacts have occurred since at least the late 1990s and have been reported everywhere from Guam to the Netherlands. But in Japan, where the suicide rate is among the industrialized world’s highest, officials are worried about a recent spate of such deaths.

A record 91 people died in 34 internet-linked suicide cases in Japan in 2005, up from 55 people in 19 cases in 2004, the National Police Agency reported last month. The number of internet suicide pacts has almost tripled from 2003, when the agency began keeping records.

Earlier this week, a man and two women in their 20s and 30s were found dead in Aomori, 360 miles northeast of Tokyo. The three also died by inhaling charcoal fumes in a car, and police suspected suicide.


AppleInsider | Apple struggles with MacBook Pro demand

AppleInsider | Apple struggles with MacBook Pro demand

Strong demand for Apple’s new Intel-based MacBook Pro professional notebooks is there but supply of the computers still is not, says research and investment firm PiperJaffray.While the MacBook Pro officially began shipping about 2 weeks ago, the firm notes that the product is still not readily available through either Apple retail stores or the company’s online store.

“Specifically, in our checks over the last several days with 40 Apple retail stores, we found only 4 stores that had the MacBook Pro in stock,” analyst Gene Munster wrote in a research note obtained by AppleInsider. “Of the 4 stores that had stock, there were generally only 1-3 MacBook Pros in the store.”

Munster said 70 percent of the stores he surveyed have a waiting list of MacBook Pro customers, which shows that demand is clearly not the limiting component with the product. “As has been the case with the last several major Apple product releases, the company is having a hard time making the products readily available to buyers,” he wrote. “The good news is that demand for the MacBook Pro is clearly not an issue.”