Gates megawealth spreads to $50bn :: MyADSL

Gates megawealth spreads to $50bn :: MyADSL

Bill Gates gained ground at the top of the megarich rankings as the world’s wealthiest people added 400 billion dollars to their net worth, according to Forbes magazine’s annual list released yesterday.The number of people whose wealth reached 10 figures stood at a record 793, an increase of 102 from the previous year, with Microsoft founder Gates in first place for the 12th straight year.

His 50 billion dollar fortune marked an increase of 3.5 billion dollars from the 2005 Forbes list.

The magazine said strong markets around the world contributed to the surge in wealth, as the total net worth of the list jumped to 2.6 trillion dollars – more than the annual GDP of Germany.

“Making a billion just isn’t what it used to be,” observed Forbes Associate Editor Luisa Kroll, who noted that the number of billionaires had grown by more than 300 in the past three years.

1% of that would be ssssoooooooooooo nice 🙁

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