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:: Telecoms : SABC wants to wean itself off revenue from adverts :: MyADSL: Technology and Broadband News

:: Telecoms : SABC wants to wean itself off revenue from adverts :: MyADSL: Technology and Broadband News
The plan is to allocate more time to actual news bulletins and less to advertising. For example, said Mpofu, television news bulletins, which were allocated 30 minutes, only had 16 minutes of news, with the rest of the time taken up by commercials.

Now that would be a really good idea, as long as they don’t increase the license fees.
One thing I do not get is that you need a license even if you do not actually watch public broadcast Television, wtf is with that

On a similar subject I heard a rumour that they are looking into changing the type of device that requires a license to include devices like Cellphones that can receive video broadcasts, would this include LCD “TV’s ” that do not have tuners???? Would piss me off as I want to get a HD LCD that doesn’t have a tuner to hook up to my system.

Virus that could threaten both Win32 and Linux

Excerpt from MyADSL
Hackers have released a sample code for a virus that could infect both Linux and Windows PCs.
The virus, which was given the double name Virus.Linux.Bi.a/ Virus.Win32.Bi.a, was reported last week by security firm Kaspersky Lab.

Security researchers worry that the malicious code may be part of a disturbing new trend of viruses that can run on Windows, as well as other operating systems that have been largely ignored by hackers.

“The virus is written in assembler and is relatively simple,” Kaspersky says in a posting to the company’s Web site.

Hmm, I wonder if this means that a Mac could also be infected. Guess so since it is a Unix core…

The scariest part is that Kaspersky says that it “is relatively simple” which means here come the script kiddies…

Looks like it is time to start worrying about your computers protection all over again

Illegal prime – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Illegal prime – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An illegal prime is a prime number which contains information forbidden by law to possess or distribute.

The first illegal prime to be announced, when interpreted a particular way, describes a computer program which bypasses copyright protection schemes on some DVDs. Because that program has been found illegal by courts in the United States of America, this has produced debate about whether the number itself could be considered illegal.

Hmmm, only in America. The DMCA really stinks, can’t believe they would actually try to make certain numbers illegal.

Mark’s Sysinternals Blog: The Case of the Mysterious Driver

Mark’s Sysinternals Blog: The Case of the Mysterious Driver

A bit biased mabye but still worth the read. He is not one of the top Security dudes in the world for nothing.

In case you do not know who he is (sic) have a read on the Sysinternal About Us page

Between him and Steve Gibson they are not the most liked but they are imho worth their salt and I think always worth considering

Damn, sometime I wish I was a yank. is probably one of the coolest concepts I have ever seen on the interweb. It is a site to register and p2p music, except you actually post your CD to the other person via LA LA’s HQ, so Person 2 Person. First time I saw this I though “There is no way this can be legal” but P2P’s meaning here is obvious. Good thing is they give 20% of the taking(s) to the artist direct

Except from the About section on la la’s site
I’ll be the first to advocate that artists should make a lot more from each CD. ‘la la’ is taking the unprecedented action of giving artists 20% of our revenues from used CDs, no used record store or online site does this today. I’ll also promise to work tirelessly (only sleep four hours a night anyway- this is being written at 3:31 a.m. so pardon my punctuation) to reduce overhead in marketing costs across the industry, so artists can make more from selling their music.

I hope it is a success for them. Good luck guys

KC’s Toolbox

KC’s Toolbox Project is closing. A real pity as NET Traffic Meter is one of the better appz around to monitor your usage online. I really hope someone considers his offer

The KC’s Toolbox project will be closed by the end of 2006. This means that the projects hosted (NET Traffic Meter, NET RSS Reader and NET Clipboard) are out for auction.

If you are interested to take over one of these projects for your organisation, please contact me at [email protected] for more information.