Damn, sometime I wish I was a yank. is probably one of the coolest concepts I have ever seen on the interweb. It is a site to register and p2p music, except you actually post your CD to the other person via LA LA’s HQ, so Person 2 Person. First time I saw this I though “There is no way this can be legal” but P2P’s meaning here is obvious. Good thing is they give 20% of the taking(s) to the artist direct

Except from the About section on la la’s site
I’ll be the first to advocate that artists should make a lot more from each CD. ‘la la’ is taking the unprecedented action of giving artists 20% of our revenues from used CDs, no used record store or online site does this today. I’ll also promise to work tirelessly (only sleep four hours a night anyway- this is being written at 3:31 a.m. so pardon my punctuation) to reduce overhead in marketing costs across the industry, so artists can make more from selling their music.

I hope it is a success for them. Good luck guys

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