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I’m a Slave to Google

Okay, google has just suckered me into another of their “beta’s”

The mail sent to * goes to GMail for domain owners, i.e. they do the mail hosting. You can setup 25 email addresses and by the looks of it each has 2GB storage, damn I wanna see that farm so bad. Hey mabye oneday you never know 🙂

I will say one thing, I hate using Outlook at work now, GMail is just so much simpler, just a pity about the calendar still being a bit too far apart, but hey it works and I don’t give a rats ass what other people think.

I’ll just say TG I ain’t a yank, and am not that paranoid 😀

Extreme Movie Manager 5.2

Quoted from their site

XMM: Probably the most powerful movie manager around, let’s discover it’s power:

Is it really? Lets see
Ease of Use
Getting Started
There are a variety of ways to get your Movies and TV series’ into XMM. HDD Search and Importing from text is probably the most useful ways. Once that is done all you do is click on the Internet Update button which then asks you what you want to update. Then you are given a choice of sites to use (e.g. IMDB, AnimeNFO, to get all the information of the movie or program. The updates are done with a script that you can easily edit, or you can even create your own.

Accuratness of Import
Sometimes it does get it wrong, but this is usually caused by the site that is searched. IMDB has the wrong information for a search done on Imposter, due to the fact that here in South Africa Imposter is a different movie to the one in the US 🙁

I have had a few problems stability wise, but even though it has crashed, I have not lost much(if any) information. I attribute this to the fact that he is currently using an Access MDB file as the database, but there are plans to change this to something else (going by the support forum)

The Author is giving very good user support. In this month (May 2006) there have been 3 updates to the app, and they where not all bug fixes. Quote a few features where added. There is also an update feature built into the app that can search for new update scripts.

My personal opinion of this is high, I would give it 8/10.


Here is a cool game to play

Essentially it is an online motorsport management simulator

Here is a writeup by LMcKelvin at SGS

Have you guys ever played “F1 Manager”?

If you have, and enjoyed it, try this:

If you haven’t, then this is sort of what it’s about:

You create a Formula 1 team.  You choose a driver, engine, sponsor… well, basically you build a formula1 team from scratch.
You never actually “drive” the car, but have a lot of fun trying to setup a car as to how your driver wants it (he goes on a test run, says he needs more front-end downforce, you add front wing, etc)
then send him out on another test run.
Each track has a different layout, so you need to build a new setup for him for each race.

batracer is similair.  The nice thing about it is you can play this from anywhere.  Because this isn’t a “real game”, they use a “web browser” layout with no fancy graphics.  So you can play this at work even!  It takes 5-10 minutes a day to setup a car, and once that’s done, you wait.  The races cycle through about 48 hours per race – (first 24 hours to setup for quali, second for race).  You don’t have to be present for quali or race, just setup a strategy for your driver/team.  You can check your progress on how you’ve done after the quali/race has finished. You play against other “managers” of course, and it takes about 30 days to complete the full season – and you can compete in 2 seasons at a time!

I’m in my first season (2nd race now) and really enjoying it.  I reckon there’s a few guys out there that might enjoy it too!