Here is a cool game to play

Essentially it is an online motorsport management simulator

Here is a writeup by LMcKelvin at SGS

Have you guys ever played “F1 Manager”?

If you have, and enjoyed it, try this:

If you haven’t, then this is sort of what it’s about:

You create a Formula 1 team.  You choose a driver, engine, sponsor… well, basically you build a formula1 team from scratch.
You never actually “drive” the car, but have a lot of fun trying to setup a car as to how your driver wants it (he goes on a test run, says he needs more front-end downforce, you add front wing, etc)
then send him out on another test run.
Each track has a different layout, so you need to build a new setup for him for each race.

batracer is similair.  The nice thing about it is you can play this from anywhere.  Because this isn’t a “real game”, they use a “web browser” layout with no fancy graphics.  So you can play this at work even!  It takes 5-10 minutes a day to setup a car, and once that’s done, you wait.  The races cycle through about 48 hours per race – (first 24 hours to setup for quali, second for race).  You don’t have to be present for quali or race, just setup a strategy for your driver/team.  You can check your progress on how you’ve done after the quali/race has finished. You play against other “managers” of course, and it takes about 30 days to complete the full season – and you can compete in 2 seasons at a time!

I’m in my first season (2nd race now) and really enjoying it.  I reckon there’s a few guys out there that might enjoy it too!

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