Citrix iForum 2006

Citrix iForum 2006 has come and gone again.

This is not intended to be an accurate depication of the happenings, just a bunch of notes I made of stuff that interested me :p 


Tony Norton

A well-known and respected businessman, Tony Norton is currently on the boards of blue-chip companies Grindrod and Illovo Sugar. He is chairman of SA Retail Properties and Natal University Health, as well as a member of several charitable boards.
“In the middle of constant change there seem to be two basic requirements for the successful enterprise. These are planning as a constant process, and the importance of your people. Apart from those factors there is, however, still much to do.”

Citrix has eveolved from remote access to a complete TCO solution.
Citrix is responsible to IT, the suer and the investor
User wants invisibility and the capability to work anywhere in the same way
The business wants this done in a transparent way
IT must not be a hurdle, but an enabler
The ultimate goal of IT today is QOS to the user

Chris Norton – Country Manager Citrix Systems Southern & Eastern Africa

Started of with a good joke that most people should have understood. Personally he is a good presenter, although he should not have looked at notes as much

Organisation needs to lower the costs of change, and the IT people are being aasked to do more with less. The need to mitigate risk on IT investment,.

  • Reduce Cost
  • Increse productivity
  • Reduct Risk
  • Increase agility

Stefan Sjostrom – VP Citrix Systems EMEA

Excellent Speaker, clear, good english. No use of notes showed great knowledge of his own product

There was about 15 5th time attendees
Quite a suprising number of 4th time attendants
Collaboration, Application delivery,

Connectivity is makking th world rather small

Computer scientist graduates

  • 100k USA
  • 200K India
  • 300k China
  • Data Security
  • Access Contol
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Bandwidth & Latency
  • SLA Guarentees
  • Remote Service & Support
  • Device Hertrogenity

Companies are starting to look at ways of measuring productivity, and increasing the effective productivity of users.

Virtualisation, web enabling, streaming of desktop applications are goiing to be key IT drives in the future

Citrix Acqusitions

  1. Expert City – Citrix Online – March 2004
  2. Net6 – Citrix Gateway – December 2004
  3. NetScaler – Citrix Netscaler – August 2005
  4. Teros – Citrix Application Firewall – November 2005
  5. Reflectant – Citrix EdgeSight – May 2006

6 Core technologies

  1. Presentation Server
  2. GoToMyPc
  3. Password Manager
  4. GotoAssist
  5. Application Gateway
  6. Application Firewall

Rising Stars

  1. GotoMmeeting
  2. Access Essentials – Entry level version of Presentation Server
  3. NetsSaler
  4. Access Gateway

Citrix experienced a 29% growth in fiscal year until Q1 2006

End user monitoring tool

Citrix is an access company that works closely with partners in South Africa

Nabeel Youakim – Citrix Systems – Vice President & Product Line Executive

Citrix Presentation Server
Nice sence of humour

Best Access Expericene, any app, any user, any device, any location

Application Delivery
Presntation Server
project tarpon (under dev)
Requirements of IT today – Fast, secure & low cost

Client server app
extremly flexible, highly scalable, rich experionce
very ecpsneive to maintain, poor performance, data security

With presentation server the application is only actualy running on the server in thae data center, which solves most of the problems experinced with a FAT CLIEnt setup.
Garnter says that citrix is the best in TCO

160000 customers of presentation server

25% more users per server
better application compatility
better printing performance (over 200%)
x64 version
300% more users

Development to support windows Longhorn server has begun

The next gen presentation has been codenamed Constellation

Ohio (next version of Pres Srv)
graphics accelleration load managemnt
system health monitoring
session recordinf
auto provisioning

Application security
Access gateway
password manager
appication firewakk

applictiaon visibility

Project Tarpon

Probably the coolest item showed is what they are calling
Something that all SME’s have a problem with is the deployment of applications to workatations easily

Applicatopsns are “installed” in an isolated environement that seperates the application from the environement that it runs on. This potentially makes compatiblity of applications like AutoDesk’s AutoCAD a problem of the past with the various operating systems. In my environment this could potentially solve the problem we have experienced with Vista and AutoCAD 2006.

Ssetup and Deployment of the package is really simple.

John-Marc Clark – How to Econimically Justify an Access Strategy

Cost analysis should be kept as simple as possible
Find where the costs in the IT sytems are today, and look at new initiatives to lower these
Using Citrix typically saves between 0 and 50% on investment
Potentially an additional year is available to a workstations life cycle

inventory of costs eg: Software acquisition, hardware, services, subsription, administrator, traiing costs

Average breakeven in 7.5 months.

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