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Setting up SNORT on Gentoo Part 1

Install Gentoo. I used the Live CD of 2007.0

Installation took about 1h30 to complete on a dual PIII 933 with 2GB RAM and SCSI drives.

The following steps where then taken to setup the machine as a transparent bridge with an administrative IP

1. Added bridging as a module

echo “bridge” >> /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6
modprobe bridge

2. Installed the bridge tools

emerge net-misc/bridge-utils

3. Edited /etc/conf.d/net to contain

#set ifconfig as default tool
modules=( “ifconfig” )
# eth0 & eth1 setup to not have any IP
config_eth0=( “null” )
config_eth1=( “null” )

# Bridging (802.1d)
# Assign the NIC’s to the bridge
bridge_br0=”eth0 eth1″
# give the bridge an IP
config_br0=( “ netmask″ )
RC_NEED_br0=”net.eth0 net.eth1”
# Stop broadcast storms from occuring
brctl_br0=( “stp on” )
# Set default route for the bridge so that the internet is
# accessable
routes_br0=( “default gw” )

4. Setup the bridge to start at system start

ln -sf /etc/init.d/net.lo /etc/init.d/net.eth1
rc-update add net.eth0 default
rc-update add net.eth1 default

ln -sf /etc/init.d/net.lo /etc/init.d/net.br0
rc-update add net.br0 default
/etc/init.d/net.br0 start

Will follow with the rest soon

Easy edits

I have started using Windows Live Writer and it actually works well. It previews the pages properly, and even seems to understand obscure code.

I also like how now every time I blog something it will show up on Twitter, yes I have been suckered into it too LOL.

Ok, going to crash, the pills are starting to do something….

But first two really awesome WoW videos

World of Warcraft dance styles


More WoW Dancing

Wow a new look,

and very un WordPress looking.

Must say wordpress is probably one of the most stable and easiest blog engines to install and use around. Thanks GX3 for an awesome theme, and letting us use it free.

Holy mother of Google goodness

Been fiddling with Google Desktop (GD). Yes I am slow on the uptake, but I did try to give Live Desktop a chance, and it is bleh. I had it installed on the same too machines that I am now testing GD on both my laptop and my Vista box, and did it cause huge slow down. It always seemed to be indexing, if I forgot to pause it when my laptop was off power, sucked the juice right out.

Vista’s search does a job of finding stuff, it just does it. After installing GD I could not believe the difference in speed that it finds things in, and more accurately (precisely?). I have around 800GB of Video, Music, Documents, Games, my GMail accounts and all the other stuff to sort through and it took last night to index and it is finding stuff very quickly. Works using both IE & FireFox, although I gather there where problems with Opera. Can’t say don’t like Opera very much, feels bloated.

I also like the fact that on my WinXP laptop I can have the same sidebar as on my Vista machine, so I should always have what I need. Just a pity that you cannot seem to scroll if you have too any gadgets (widgets?). I have a task widget, Dictiory Google Search (cannot remove grrr), Google Calendar Widget, a NetStat Widget (noob security nut :p ), a cool gadget via intel that checks your notbooks battery, charge and CPU usage and speedstep status and a Twitter gadget. The only one I seem to be missing is one for FaceBook.

Vista Update

6 Months later and I am still with Vista. I do not get why people are having problems using it, yes it is slower and you need a “new” machine but I find the experience more satisfying.

I have a Core2 E6600, 2GB DDR400 RAM, 250GB SATA Hard drive for Windows and a 7900GS 512MB Graphics card. It does run 100% fine with the E6300, butI would recommend a decent graphics card (any discrete card should do) if you plan on using Aero.

My main use of this machine is gaming, mostly rFactor, GTR2 and World of Warcraft. I had the same system running Windows XP and used to get the odd stutter in both the racing games, with Vista I cannot ever remember having the samething happen.

I have found that all the programs I use are working fine, except for iTunes as it goes black when it opens and I have to minimise and restore for it to sort itself out.

Simming Update

Ok, I have been very quite lately, WoW is bad for time management LOLz.

 I am busy updating the CMS I used on Simming.Co.Za to PostNuke and the first portal will be I need people who are willing to contribute to make this a success, any takes please leave a comment.