Vista Update

6 Months later and I am still with Vista. I do not get why people are having problems using it, yes it is slower and you need a “new” machine but I find the experience more satisfying.

I have a Core2 E6600, 2GB DDR400 RAM, 250GB SATA Hard drive for Windows and a 7900GS 512MB Graphics card. It does run 100% fine with the E6300, butI would recommend a decent graphics card (any discrete card should do) if you plan on using Aero.

My main use of this machine is gaming, mostly rFactor, GTR2 and World of Warcraft. I had the same system running Windows XP and used to get the odd stutter in both the racing games, with Vista I cannot ever remember having the samething happen.

I have found that all the programs I use are working fine, except for iTunes as it goes black when it opens and I have to minimise and restore for it to sort itself out.

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