Holy mother of Google goodness

Been fiddling with Google Desktop (GD). Yes I am slow on the uptake, but I did try to give Live Desktop a chance, and it is bleh. I had it installed on the same too machines that I am now testing GD on both my laptop and my Vista box, and did it cause huge slow down. It always seemed to be indexing, if I forgot to pause it when my laptop was off power, sucked the juice right out.

Vista’s search does a job of finding stuff, it just does it. After installing GD I could not believe the difference in speed that it finds things in, and more accurately (precisely?). I have around 800GB of Video, Music, Documents, Games, my GMail accounts and all the other stuff to sort through and it took last night to index and it is finding stuff very quickly. Works using both IE & FireFox, although I gather there where problems with Opera. Can’t say don’t like Opera very much, feels bloated.

I also like the fact that on my WinXP laptop I can have the same sidebar as on my Vista machine, so I should always have what I need. Just a pity that you cannot seem to scroll if you have too any gadgets (widgets?). I have a task widget, Dictiory Google Search (cannot remove grrr), Google Calendar Widget, a NetStat Widget (noob security nut :p ), a cool gadget via intel that checks your notbooks battery, charge and CPU usage and speedstep status and a Twitter gadget. The only one I seem to be missing is one for FaceBook.

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