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Problem installing NDP1.1sp1-KB928366-X86.exe

Damn this error


The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing blah blah blah…….

This has been annoying me no end, and am pretty sure I am not the only one. If you don’t believe me do a Google search,

In my case however I found that .NET 1.1 Service Pack 1 was not even installed (WTH), so first I did the install to satisfy the dependency. /rant Surely Windows Update should know not to install this patch though for something that it not installed….. grrrrrr. Anyway after installing the service pack I extracted the installer (C:Tempdotnetfx.exe /t:c:Temp /c) to have the netfx.MSI available and then ran the patch installer. When it asked for netfx.msi I just pointed it to the file under “c:temp”, however it so far has only asked once out of the three times installed.


I really wish I hadn’t paid up front for three months of WoW, I have hardly played since doing that. I am missing playing it, but at the same time do not feel like sitting down for 6 hours to play. *sigh*

Hate doing backups, 50 DVD’s today, and only half way there…. Something gives me the idea I have too much disk space. Finally finished watching pretty much everything I have, still have a few Anime’s left luckily, but have been keeping them as they have great reviews. The one I have the most hope for is Kaleido Star, but Kino no tabi  ~The Beautiful World~ is also a rather interesting one.

The latest Security Monkey case file is one of the best, can’t wait to see what he finds :), always fun to search someone else’s pad. Loved the reference to Uwe and his email LMAO he is a complete ID10T.

Why is FaceBook so popular????? It is not the greatest site in the world, but it does what it does pretty well, although I hate the applications part (at last count 67 installed). I just install those now and leave them be, there are a few I use and the rest can go “insert explicative here” themselves.

Well, I have never listened to K0rns lyrics before and they are, shall I say, deep. Still do not like their music much though. I probably have too much time to think of stuff today

Virtual PC 2007 works well when it works, but for some reason I am able to browse for 30-60 minutes then the internet connection on the session hangs and I need to reboot the VM. I wonder if VMWare Player has the same issue, will find out soon.

Google’s $1.3m a year for parking perk

From Fin24


San Francisco – Google Inc co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are reportedly paying $1.3m a year so their Boeing 767 plane can take off, land and park at a Nasa-managed airport located just a few minutes away from the internet search leader’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

The deal became effective Aug 1, but Nasa’s Ames Research Center did not announce the agreement until this week following reports that the large jet had been spotted at Moffett Federal Airfield located near Google’s hometown of Mountain View, California. The news raised concerns about noise problems in cities neighboring the former naval air station.

Moffett Field is normally off limits to private aircraft, but the space agency made an exception for Page and Brin in exchange for the right to carry scientists and their equipment on planes used by the two billionaires.

Nasa already has taken advantage of the agreement to study the Aurigid meteor shower, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which reported the unusual arrangement between Nasa and the Google co-founders Wednesday.

Lucky bastids

Telkom Do Broadband claims slammed

The Article @ MYADSL

According to the ASA website, the complainant submitted that the advertising states that one can “do” music, movies and on-line gaming, but only affords the user 1GB. “This is misleading as a DVD-quality movie is at least 4GB and online gaming needs at least 20 GB monthly to play daily.”

Nevermind the fact that you cannot stream video on anything less than 1.5Mbps at a decent qualtity.  Also it seems to verge on saying that piracy is legal, you cannot buy (legally) video off the internet in South Africa.

Setting up SNORT on Gentoo Part 2

The steps taken here where based on that from the Gentoo Wiki How-To?s. I had to change somethings as they were not working properly on 2007.0
HOWTO Use Snort, Acid, and MySQL Effectively and
HOWTO Apache2 with BASE

Install the packages needed

Yikes, took longer than expected to get this part working to my satisfaction.

The first thing to get working is Apache, PHP and MySQL

The use clause below should speed up compile times, but I only found that out afterwards so it may be a good idea to use it. It is found under /etc/make.conf

USE=?dynamicplugin gd gd-external mysql apache2 php openssl jpg png gif session ?X -gtk ?gnome ?alsa php session pcre hardenedphp gd pear apache2 *postgres *mysql ssl png gif jpeg cli xml?

Edit /etc/portage/package.keywords and add

net-analyzer/snort ~x86
net-analyzer/acid ~x86
dev-php4/jpgraph ~x86

Then do the emerge?s for the needed packages,

emerge php (will install Apache2 as needed)
emerge libnet
emerge mysql
emerge snort
emerge oinkmaster

Next set the services to start at boot

rc-update add snort default
rc-update add mysql default
rc-update add apache2 default

To prevent errors at first start


Then start MySQL and Apache

/etc/init.d/apache start
/etc/init.d/mysql start

Setup MySQL

Next you need to setup MySQL

Set the password and permissions for root (don?t forget the ?;? and the end of the lines), and create the permissions for snort to use the database.

SET PASSWORD FOR ‘root’@’localhost’ = PASSWORD(‘new_password’);
create database snort;
grant INSERT,SELECT on snort.* to [email protected];
SET PASSWORD FOR ‘snort’@’localhost’ = PASSWORD(?new_password?);
grant CREATE,INSERT,SELECT,DELETE,UPDATE on snort.* to [email protected];
grant CREATE,INSERT,SELECT,DELETE,UPDATE on snort.* to snort;

Import the Snort Database structure

bzcat /usr/share/doc/snort-<version>/schemas/create_mysql.bz2 | mysql -u snort -D snort -p

Setting up Snort

Edit /etc/snort/snort.conf (if this is not there copy it from /etc/snort/snort.conf.distrib)

Look for ?output database? and change as appropriate

output database: alert, mysql, user=snort password=password dbname=snort host=localhost

It is a good idea to request a ?oinkcode? from the Snort site as you can use it to do automatic updates of the Snort rules. Edit /etc/oinkmaster.conf and insert the oinkcode as applicable

url =<oinkcode>/snortrules-snapshot-2.6.tar.gz

If you want to do an immediate update use

/usr/bin/ -i -o /etc/snort/rules

Edit /etc/conf.d/snort to set the listen interface


Start Snort watching /etc/var/log/message for errors

/etc/init.d/snort start

If snort fails to start use

/etc/init.d/snort stop
/etc/init.d/snort zap

to stop snort and fix the erros that have occurred under /var/log/messages. You may need to check the permissions , I only had to change the log directory

chown -R snort:snort /var/log/snort
chmod -R 770 /var/log/snort

Setup BASE

You will need to first insert ?net-analyzer/base? below into /etc/portage/package.keywords

Emerge base

Once the emerge is done edit /etc/base/base_conf.php

$alert_dbname = ?snort?;
$alert_host = ?localhost?; (localhost can be the IP if BASE is going to run on a different machine)
$alert_port = ??; (only necessary to change if the database is running on a different port)
$alert_user = ?snort?;
@alert_password = ?snortpassword?;

Once that is done open your browser to http://serveraddress/base/base_db_setup.php and click the Setup AG button.

It would be recommended to create a new Role and User with view only access.

You can then activate the authentication system by editing /etc/base/base_conf.php

@Use_Auth_System = 1;

This should have everything in working order, monitor the logs to make sure that no errors are coming up, and fix them as necessary.

The next part of this project will be to install a notification system, although I still an not sure what to use yet Prelude is looking to be an option.