Google’s $1.3m a year for parking perk

From Fin24


San Francisco – Google Inc co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are reportedly paying $1.3m a year so their Boeing 767 plane can take off, land and park at a Nasa-managed airport located just a few minutes away from the internet search leader’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

The deal became effective Aug 1, but Nasa’s Ames Research Center did not announce the agreement until this week following reports that the large jet had been spotted at Moffett Federal Airfield located near Google’s hometown of Mountain View, California. The news raised concerns about noise problems in cities neighboring the former naval air station.

Moffett Field is normally off limits to private aircraft, but the space agency made an exception for Page and Brin in exchange for the right to carry scientists and their equipment on planes used by the two billionaires.

Nasa already has taken advantage of the agreement to study the Aurigid meteor shower, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which reported the unusual arrangement between Nasa and the Google co-founders Wednesday.

Lucky bastids

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