My “Social Network”


I have now been using Flock for three or so weeks now and must say it feels more stable than FF and most of the plugins I use work fine (Session Manager, PDF Download, StumbleUpon and others).

The people tool bar introduced in the v1 versions is useful, but I would like to have some thing that aggregates my twitter feed something like the way Snitter.


I have gotten so addicted to using Twitter that Facebook is not looked at all that often anymore. I have also found it to be an interesting way to keep up with news. IOL has been using it to “push” news stories straight to the user. I have not seen a better way of pushing content, some thing that has been talked about for many years now.


The current rage of Social Netowkring, although I am a bit frustrated using it. I have more application installed than I care for, and must have around 100 invites to others which I haven’t even looked at. Other than that I have found it useful as I found two old school friends and was able to make contact through FB.


I have recently been using Ning as Sword and Laser, and it is an interesting concept as it gives anyone the ability to create their own social network. I wonder what will happen once the Open Social Framework goes live there, could be some interesting applications appearing.

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