Windows Live

Apparetnly Live.Com is LIVE, i.e. no longer in beta, but what will that mean for us? Probably not much, although it is a dig at Google who even though they have deployed v2 of GMail it is still in Beta, like pretty much everything of their’s.

I signed up for Hotmail fairly recently  and must say I like the familiar feel of the interface, but it is not GMail. I have not been able to put a finger on why I like GMail but it probably has a lot to do with the simplicity of their interface. My only gripe with GMail is the lack of “folders”, yes they have their labels (tags) but I am not fond of having to plow through tons of mail (I usually have 50-300 unread) to find what I am looking for, but then I suppose that is why they have the search feature 🙂

The one reason that I would move is the awesome integration with the Windows Mobile platform. The fact that they give you push mail and contacts is something that makes my life much easier.

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