Hellgate London Woes

This is just pissing me off. I have used up 500MB of precious South African bandwidth thanks to a stupid idea to patch Hellgate in-game. I did just come across this at Gamespot, which points to the Official Forums, which may help.

If you’re having problems getting the patch and an error message comes up Alt tab out, do -NOT- click on the tick. Check your tmp folder ( For those that don’t know where it is ‘Program Files/Flagship Studios/Hellgate London/tmp’ ) and simply wait. Files will start appearing within it, faster than if you were using the game.

After a while (Roughly past 60MB) most of the files will vanish, wait a minute or two and alt tab back to the game. Click on the tick and then re click on multiplayer. There will be a pause, and then it will take you into the game (Or agreement form, depending.) For those that don’t see a tmp folder, you must have downloaded a file for it to appear, if you simply can’t download the first file, create one in the mentioned category and wait like a hawk after it errors for the file to appear. It should be 2157kb large when finished, this file is the first eg: hellgate_mp_dx9_x86.exe .

I have no idea why it continues to download and then patch after it’s encountered an error, however i’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Hopefully one of the FSS developers can understand why it does this and correct the proper patching system so it doesn’t error.

Regardless, hope this stops people tearing their hair out. it’s not a perfect solution, but at least it works!


That did not work. A chap know as  Infidel713 madehis own distributable patch. I have mirrored it (should be up by 23:00 GMT 2007-11-10) here

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