My thoughts on Crysis

This is not a review… sorta 😀

I finished the game after 23 or so hours playing on Delta, although I did change to easy twice due to frustration in the alien levels.

As far as prettiness goes BEAUTIFUL even on my lowly PC. I got fairly consistent frame-rates on medium (PC-SPEC) and avg of 23 using the benchmark tool @ 1440×900). I did have to turn some things like post process to low due to nausea :mrgreen:

Level Design

The design of the levels really suited the way I enjoy playing FPS games as you can take an unlimited number of routes to an objective most of the time. I did get irritated when forced down a path, e.g. the tunnels in the mountain when you first meet the aliens. As a huge fan of Far-Cry it was really great to find that they kept to the same style as they used there.


The sound effect and music really made the game all the more immersive. The sound track is really good at creating a feeling of tension that is even felt when playing the sound track by itself.

Something that many have appreciated that played on Delta, or used the CVAR, was the fact that you do not know when they are talking about you. Has any game used this as a difficulty setting before?


I’ll just say WOW, it’s been discussed enuf Razzberry

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