Eastern Cape Government website hacked?

Found this out a while ago, just never posted. Hackers with a sense of humour 🙂


Sorry….but the page you are looking for cannot be found This could happen for several reasons:

1. The page may have been reached in error.

2. The page may have moved.

3. The page may no longer exist.

4. The page is on holiday and will be out of the office until next week or when it feels like coming back.

5. The page was considered redundant and was given a raise so it now works even less.

6. The page performed an illegal operation and was promoted to vice-president.

7. The page was on strike. We are busy negotiating with the unions now for better wages so it can come online.

8. The page is running late. This could be because the taxi’s need to collect at least another 404 passengers.

9. The page is sleeping . After all, this is African time we are talking about.

Was a great lol

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