Change the default search in the Flock Browser

I really enjoy using the Flock browser, but for one HUGE annoyance. Why oh Why did they have to use Yahoo as the default search engine and then making it stupid to change. You would assume that changing the default under Search preferences that it would change it when using the URL bar to search, but no. I found instructions by aRugus Chang not using Yahoo of course but Google. To do it takes 5 steps

  1. Open a new tab and type “about:config” in the URL bar
  2. Type
  3. Double click the entry and change to “Google”
  4. Type keyword.url
  5. Double click the entry and enter “”

This will change searches to use as this is the url for South Africa, but you could use for Google UK or what ever the tld is for your Google search. You can also change this to Live search, if you really want seeing is it is better than Yahoo. To do this use “Live” in step 3 and “”

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