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Timesheets – You’re doing it wrong – Dominic White

Dominic has this so right

Timesheets – You’re doing it wrong

When managing teams of “information workers”, I believe the use of time sheets is indicative of a management failure. Here’s why:

If you have to rely on a timesheet to know what your staff are doing – you’re doing it wrong

If you can’t trust your staff to work hard – you have problems a timesheet won’t fix

If you believe you have too many staff to manage – get more managers

If you think anyone completes them accurately – you drank the kool aid

If you think the time it takes to actually complete them accurately is worth it – you hate your staff

If you manage your business from these inaccurate stats – you’re making bad decisions

If your senior people have PAs complete their timesheets for them – you’re a hypocrite

If you spent millions on a new timesheet system, but didn’t make it any easier for the staff using the system – you just suck

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