Logging on to UCS cli using ssh

When logging onto UCSM GUI you can select the REALM for logon, but how do you do this when logging in via ssh to the UCSM cli. Turns out quite easily.

ssh ucs-REALMNAME\\[email protected]



The key here is the ucs- prefixing the realm name.

Diagnosing a vlan issue on Cisco UCS pre 2.2

New VLAN not attaching to vnic

Added a new vlan to a service profile template and even though it shows in the UCSM UI there was no traffic traversing the vlan.

First you need to know what the vnic id is:

ssh [email protected]

Work out which service profile you are looking at and set your scope to it’s adapter

fc01-A# show service-profile assoc|grep SRV
fc01-A# scope org SOperations/HyperVisors/
fc01-A /org # scope service-profile HyperV01

Get the MAC addresses for your vethernet adapters

fc01-A /org/service-profile # show vnic

Name       Fabric ID Dynamic MAC Addr
———- ——— —————-
eth0       A B       00:25:B5:04:02:6F
eth1       B A       00:25:B5:04:01:4F
fc01-A /org/service-profile # exit
fc01-A /org # exit

Connect to NXOS

fc01-A# connect nxos

Get the Veth adapter id, grep for your vlan id while doing a show vlan

fc01-A(nxos)# show vlan |grep 1196
1196 VLAN1196                         active    Po1, Veth1484, Veth1490
fc01-A(nxos)# show vlan |grep 1197
1196 VLAN1197                         active    Po1, Veth1484
fc01-A(nxos)# show interface vethernet 1484 |grep server
Description: server 1/2, VNIC eth0
fc01-A(nxos)# show interface vethernet 1490 |grep server
Description: server 3/2, VNIC eth0

This will allow you to confirm using show  assoc that the both your servers have the vlan id

fc01-A# show server assoc |grep 1/2
1/2     Associated   HyperV01
fc01-A# show server assoc |grep 3/2
3/2     Associated   HyperV02


As you can see the seconds vlan id (1197) was missing from HyperV02. This is a known bug and luckily these hypervisors are clustered so we can re-ack them. Rebooting will not fix the problem, so you will need to re-acknowledge them in the UCSM server’s interface.