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Activision and Blizzard to Merge

Taken from the Press release found at Vivendi’s Site

December 2, 2007 (Santa Monica, Calif. and Paris, France) – Activision, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATVI) and Vivendi (Euronext Paris: VIV) today announced that they have signed a definitive agreement to combine Vivendi Games, Vivendi’s interactive entertainment business — which includes Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft®, the world’s #1 multi-player online role-playing game franchise — with Activision, creating the world’s largest pure-play online and console game publisher. The new company, Activision Blizzard, is expected to have approximately $3.8 billion in pro forma combined calendar 2007 revenues and the highest operating margins of any major third-party video game publisher. On closing of the transaction, Activision will be renamed Activision Blizzard and will continue to operate as a public company traded on NASDAQ under the ticker ATVI.

This will make them the largest gaming company in existence, assuming all the regulatory necessities go through fine. The expected date for the merger to be complete is reported to be mid 2008, but I doubt we will see anything significant for a time to come.

EDIT: At least Blizzard have stated they have no plans to port WoW to the Console Cool

Telkom Do Broadband claims slammed

The Article @ MYADSL

According to the ASA website, the complainant submitted that the advertising states that one can “do” music, movies and on-line gaming, but only affords the user 1GB. “This is misleading as a DVD-quality movie is at least 4GB and online gaming needs at least 20 GB monthly to play daily.”

Nevermind the fact that you cannot stream video on anything less than 1.5Mbps at a decent qualtity.  Also it seems to verge on saying that piracy is legal, you cannot buy (legally) video off the internet in South Africa.

Simming Update

Ok, I have been very quite lately, WoW is bad for time management LOLz.

 I am busy updating the CMS I used on Simming.Co.Za to PostNuke and the first portal will be I need people who are willing to contribute to make this a success, any takes please leave a comment.

Illegal prime – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Illegal prime – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An illegal prime is a prime number which contains information forbidden by law to possess or distribute.

The first illegal prime to be announced, when interpreted a particular way, describes a computer program which bypasses copyright protection schemes on some DVDs. Because that program has been found illegal by courts in the United States of America, this has produced debate about whether the number itself could be considered illegal.

Hmmm, only in America. The DMCA really stinks, can’t believe they would actually try to make certain numbers illegal.

Damn, sometime I wish I was a yank. is probably one of the coolest concepts I have ever seen on the interweb. It is a site to register and p2p music, except you actually post your CD to the other person via LA LA’s HQ, so Person 2 Person. First time I saw this I though “There is no way this can be legal” but P2P’s meaning here is obvious. Good thing is they give 20% of the taking(s) to the artist direct

Except from the About section on la la’s site
I’ll be the first to advocate that artists should make a lot more from each CD. ‘la la’ is taking the unprecedented action of giving artists 20% of our revenues from used CDs, no used record store or online site does this today. I’ll also promise to work tirelessly (only sleep four hours a night anyway- this is being written at 3:31 a.m. so pardon my punctuation) to reduce overhead in marketing costs across the industry, so artists can make more from selling their music.

I hope it is a success for them. Good luck guys

KC’s Toolbox

KC’s Toolbox Project is closing. A real pity as NET Traffic Meter is one of the better appz around to monitor your usage online. I really hope someone considers his offer

The KC’s Toolbox project will be closed by the end of 2006. This means that the projects hosted (NET Traffic Meter, NET RSS Reader and NET Clipboard) are out for auction.

If you are interested to take over one of these projects for your organisation, please contact me at [email protected] for more information.

SIM cards won’t help poor – ITWeb

SIM cards won’t help poor

Civil society organisations have criticised plans by Motorola and government to give millions of SIM cards to the poor.advertisement
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Sangonet, a non-governmental organisation that promotes the use of ICT in civil society, says Motorola’s plan to give a million SIM cards to the poor will divert resources from basic needs such as food and education.

Government’s strategy to give away four million SIM cards in five years is obsolete, says the SMME Forum. The plan was announced in 2003 and has not yet been carried out.

Well of course not, they still have to get a phone and pay for usage. SIM cards are only R5 anyway. Bloody id10t’s

Software management rising – ITWeb

Software management rising

More companies are starting to implement proper software asset management as awareness of the benefits becomes more widespread.advertisement
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David Bicket, senior manager at Deloitte in the UK and director of Investors in Software, says adoption of software asset management practices as outlined by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), is still in its early days.

I just wish they could make the software easier to use 🙂

CareerJunction scoops international award :: MyADSL

CareerJunction scoops international award :: MyADSL

South Africa’s leading online placement solution, CareerJunction, has won an international award for Best Technical Innovation in Online Recruitment at the second annual Onrec Awards held in the United Kingdom.CareerJunction’s managing director, Kris Jarzebowski, accepted the award at the glamorous event, which took place at an exclusive venue in the heart of London on Thursday .

Onrec is an international pnline recruitment magazine and website which takes an in-depth look into the trends and advances in Internet recruitment.

The Onrec Awards have been set up to acknowledge the efforts made by companies that excel in this industry.

CareerJunction was the only South African company to be nominated at the Awards and was showcased alongside some of the biggest online recruitment websites in the world including Monster, Totaljobs, CareerJournal, Fish4Jobs, Jobsite, TimesJobs and