My experience with tablets

I had been able to avoid the tablet “craze” for a while, but the need for a more portable computing device that wasn’t under 4″ in size started becoming a reality after lugging a Dell XPS L502X around for 6 months.

I tried to survive using a GalaxyS and a Blackberry but the screens and browser experience was just not up to par with something a bit larger.

So I started looking around at the tablets available. I tried a Galaxy 10.1″, and the 7″ along with a Toshiba wi-fi tablet someone acquired from Dubai. They are all great devices in their own rights but they all suffered from the same lag issue I have with my GalaxyS, especially when flipping thorough pages.

I have now ended up with the only tablet that seems to do as advertised, provide a smooth stable consistent experience. First National Bank are running a promotion where you get a 16GB iPad with 3G for ZAR220 a month over 24 months which if you exclude the monthly cheque account is fee is R420 less than retail. BARGAIN!!!

I have now had the thing for a week and am wondering why it took so long to take the plunge. I am actually typing this post using the WordPress app, and am able to type at a fair tick, even though I am unable to actually “touch type”. Other uses I have found useful

  • Watching Podcast video
  • House shopping for the move end of the month
  • Reading my Google Reader and Twitter feed using FlipBoard
  • General Browsing
  • All in all I think I can safely give the iPad an A+ for doing what they say and doing it properly.

    The only con I have is OMG why did they bother with the cameras, these ones SUCK more than those in my old Blackberry 8520


    I really wish I hadn’t paid up front for three months of WoW, I have hardly played since doing that. I am missing playing it, but at the same time do not feel like sitting down for 6 hours to play. *sigh*

    Hate doing backups, 50 DVD’s today, and only half way there…. Something gives me the idea I have too much disk space. Finally finished watching pretty much everything I have, still have a few Anime’s left luckily, but have been keeping them as they have great reviews. The one I have the most hope for is Kaleido Star, but Kino no tabi  ~The Beautiful World~ is also a rather interesting one.

    The latest Security Monkey case file is one of the best, can’t wait to see what he finds :), always fun to search someone else’s pad. Loved the reference to Uwe and his email LMAO he is a complete ID10T.

    Why is FaceBook so popular????? It is not the greatest site in the world, but it does what it does pretty well, although I hate the applications part (at last count 67 installed). I just install those now and leave them be, there are a few I use and the rest can go “insert explicative here” themselves.

    Well, I have never listened to K0rns lyrics before and they are, shall I say, deep. Still do not like their music much though. I probably have too much time to think of stuff today

    Virtual PC 2007 works well when it works, but for some reason I am able to browse for 30-60 minutes then the internet connection on the session hangs and I need to reboot the VM. I wonder if VMWare Player has the same issue, will find out soon.