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Problems encountered setting up SCOM 2007 R2 in a lab

While setting up a SCOM 2007 deployment to do some testing from 2007 to 2012 I came across some annoying as F issues, this is what I did to clear the logs. If more pop up I shall append to this post.

The first hurdle with installing SCOM 2007 I came across was the default database not installing. The workaround is in the toolkit on the install disk/iso under SupportToolsAMD64DBCreateWizard.exe . This will walk you through setup of the Database. Once that is done rerun the installation tool and you should be good to go.

The next bump in the road was what looked to be a common issue where you get a periodic event in the Operation Manger event log with ID 11464, even after I thought I had created the SCOM AD SCP correctly. For some reason the SDKServiceSCP was not being created. Creating that manually using ADSIEdit solved that WTF.

For some reason the permissions on the OperationsManager container where also screwed up, adding the SCOMAdmin group resolved that tidily.

Of course I had to remember to restart the HealthService (net stop HealthService && net start HealthService) each time otherwise you will wait around an hour to see if the error has been eradicated.

Timesheets – You’re doing it wrong – Dominic White

Dominic has this so right

Timesheets – You’re doing it wrong

When managing teams of “information workers”, I believe the use of time sheets is indicative of a management failure. Here’s why:

If you have to rely on a timesheet to know what your staff are doing – you’re doing it wrong

If you can’t trust your staff to work hard – you have problems a timesheet won’t fix

If you believe you have too many staff to manage – get more managers

If you think anyone completes them accurately – you drank the kool aid

If you think the time it takes to actually complete them accurately is worth it – you hate your staff

If you manage your business from these inaccurate stats – you’re making bad decisions

If your senior people have PAs complete their timesheets for them – you’re a hypocrite

If you spent millions on a new timesheet system, but didn’t make it any easier for the staff using the system – you just suck

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