Quickly audit software on a Windows network using the command line

We recently received a notice from one of our Vendors that we must provide them with a software audit of all machines on our network, but we did not have a reliable system in place at the time.

My first thought was to scrape the registry, but I had not played with that too much. Next idea was WMI, or specifically WMIC, teamed with a NMAP scan to get a list of online machines. Continue reading “Quickly audit software on a Windows network using the command line”

NetSH scripting

I have been playing with two windows cli’s lately the first is the NetSH command which ships with everything from Windows 2000 on up. Will write up a post once I am more comfortable with wmic.

The main purpose of the tool is for network administration using the command line. The first thing I thought of was “YAY a way to change my IP for where I am” and that was how the batch file started. Yes I do know there are better scripting languages around, but I went with something that should work on whatever Windows 2000+ operating system it gets dumped in. Continue reading “NetSH scripting”